Guacamole ingredients
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Guacamole, Fresh Mama Style

Growing up in Texas, fresh guacamole was a mainstay of my childhood. When I’ve got a hankering for something naughty, guacamole satisfies that craving — and is guilt-free to boot! Avocados are loaded with heart healthy fats and brain boosting nutrients. And you don’t have to eat guacamole with salty corn chips. Although I will admit, it […]

Nacho Mama's Kale Chips
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Nacho Mama’s Kale Chips

There’s no nacho cheese in these “nacho” kale chips. But boy do they satisfy! Gluten-free, dairy-free, nutrient-dense, and full of crunch! One of the toughest habits for me to break in adopting a cleaner diet was my one-bag-of-chips-a-day habit. Chips were my go-to comfort food. When I felt moody or stressed, that’s what I’d reach […]

Homemade popcicles in their molds
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DIY Popcicles

Ever wonder what to do with leftover smoothies or freshly made juices? Never fear! Turn those tasty smoothies into delicious homemade popcicles the whole family can enjoy later. Here’s what’s great about homemade popcicles They can save you from pouring precious smoothie down the drain when you just can’t finish it all. They are an effortless, affordable answer to the question “What’s for […]