Homemade popcicles in their molds

DIY Popcicles

Ever wonder what to do with leftover smoothies or freshly made juices? Never fear! Turn those tasty smoothies into delicious homemade popcicles the whole family can enjoy later.

Here\’s what\’s great about homemade popcicles

  • They can save you from pouring precious smoothie down the drain when you just can\’t finish it all.
  • They are an effortless, affordable answer to the question \”What\’s for dessert?\”
  • They can motivate your kiddos to make it through a full portion of vegetables to get to the sweet reward afterwards.
  • They can keep the peace over a tense dinner table when the family is trying out new foods.
  • They can save you from making that late night run for ice cream and keep you on track with your intentions.


How to make homemade popcicles

Just pour your surplus into popsicle molds, pop them into the freezer, and by dinner time you\’ll have a dessert you can say yes to. \”Kids who finish all their vegetables get to have a popcicle for dessert!\” is something frequently overheard at our dinner table. How diabolical is it to strong-arm the kids into finishing their asparagus so they can get a spinach popsicle? Mwa ha ha ha!!!!


Popcicle molds are an inexpensive and handy piece of equipment to have in your kitchen. You can find tons of options to choose from. I like my molds because the size is in-between the full size kind, which my kids often have a hard time finishing, and the mini kind, which were great when they were younger.

Give them a try!


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