Sweet & Tart Mango Lime Lassi

Mango Lime Lassi

This mango lime lassi is smooth, creamy, and delicious. It’s sweet and tangy at the same time, a hit with Fresh Daddy and the Freshlings alike. And of course it’s loaded with all kinds of whole foods that are so good for them. You could always add a tablespoon of hempseed or of ground flax seed to boost the healthy fats, and they’d never be the wiser. It’s a great way to start your day.

If you’ve never had a lassi before, they are a delicious milkshake-like beverage served at Indian restaurants. Even if you don’t like Indian food, you will love this. Typically lassis have a yogurt base. But the best part of this smoothie is that this clean version is free of dairy and added sugar.

Mango Lime Lassi

You will notice that all my smoothie recipes make between 5-6 cups, enough to share among a family of 4-5. When I began changing my eating habits, smoothies were the first thing the kids were able to enjoy. I began writing down the recipes they enjoyed most, in quantities large enough for all of us to enjoy.

Mango Lime Lassi

Category: Recipes, Shakes & Smoothies

Makes 5 cups

Mango Lime Lassi


  • 3 c frozen mango
  • 1 ½ c coconut water
  • 1 ½ c coconut milk
  • ⅓ c lime juice (approximately 2 freshly squeezed limes)
  • ½ scoop protein powder
  • 2 T liquid probiotic
  • Boost it: 4 large leaves of kale, destemmed


  1. If you're using the kale leaves, place those in the blender with the coconut water and coconut milk and blend until smooth, about 2 minutes. If not, just put the coconut milk and water into the blender and skip to the next step.
  2. Place remaining ingredients in the blender and combine until smooth.

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